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Rachel, 06May18


Rachel, 06May18

Login in is always time consuming!

Victoria, 06May18

How about having a peshwari naan on the menu?

Garry, 04May18

Best takeaway in South Wales!

James, 29Apr18

Absolutely gorgeous. Thank you

Lee, 27Apr18

Food is always excellent, thanks!

Gareth, 25Apr18

Lovely food

Geraint, 24Apr18

always great food

Philip, 21Apr18

Lovely meal indeed

Cilla, 19Apr18

We order weekly from here

Siobhan, 17Apr18

I have traveled and lived in south India and believe food from pickled pepper to be authentic and delicious

Siobhan, 17Apr18

We moved here in January and have eaten a few take outs. We thoroughly enjoyed this meal and will order again. Once the delivery driver rang to find where we were he found us.

Cilla, 15Apr18

Excellent as always

Cheryl, 12Apr18

Always perfection!!

Emily, 08Apr18

Very quick & delicious... great value for money.

Rebecca, 03Apr18

Great food as always

Vanessa, 31Mar18

absolutely delicious very time

Karen, 29Mar18

hi. 6.15pm pick uo ok?

Dean, 25Mar18

Always excellent

Rod, 21Mar18


Lee, 18Mar18


Lee, 18Mar18

Quality of food always good and no questions about vfm. Buy speed is slow and you need to try harder to give customers a realistic idea of when their food will be delivered.

Andrew, 16Mar18

Awesome as always!

Sarah, 11Mar18

ok to pick at 6pm? 07827732714

Dean, 11Mar18

Delicious food

Sue, 10Mar18